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I have been suffering from vestibulitis for the past 3 years. At first no one could figure out my condition, i was even doubting if there was a problem or if it was all in my head. Initially i had pain on intercourse only, but slowly it got to the point where even sitting cross legged hurt. I have been to various doctors, gynos etc but finally have been put on the right track by Allyssa from Equlibria in Brisbane Aus. After so many pills, creams, vitamines, dietry changes, tests and physio i have found a major cause of my pain; driving! The pain first began just after i got my drivers licence, whereby i was driving a manual long distances every day. By chance i temporarily had to drive an automatic car and i went from not even being able to touch that area, to having sex up to 45 mins long ( with the use of lidocaine gel). I found the birth control pill also to be a cause, i urge sufferers to get off it, and any anti-biotics straight away as they are doing no good.I just wanted to share my story as i feel it is a very unique one that other sufferers may be able to relate to. More people including doctors need to develop some knowledge of this condition as it is too easily misdiagnosed.

February 4, 2010 - 4:31am


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