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I had an episode about 4years ago of severe burning in the vulva. After many trips to different GPs they decided that it was nerve pain and over sensitive nerves. I was prescribed 20mg amytripteline and anesthetic gel. After couple of months it went totally but I was advised oN keep taking the amytripteline and put the dose down to 10mg. I looked on the internet for what this may be and saw a whole string of depressing sites about vulvodynia and chronic pain. I was totally without any pain for 4 yrs until now. it is slightly better today and I am wondering if this could be the above and if so I am in some sort of flare. Does anyone know anything about this ? any advise would be really helpful. burning was is quite bad but intermitantly not everyday. I seem to be more affected with the itching and pins and needles at the moment, but last nigh the itch was so bad my whole vulva swelled up. Any thoughts on stopping the itch . Anyone had symptoms, that have disappeared totally for that long and then come back?

October 31, 2018 - 7:02am


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