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I feel happy when I feel completely and utterly myself, with all that entails -- good and bad, strengths and weaknesses, things i love to do, and so on.

That means, I'm usually a barefoot girl. I'm surrounded by dogs. I love doing creative work.

I feel happy when I'm lean and fit, and I can't claim to be either right now, which bugs me. But I'm on the way as far as those things are concerned.

I think good work makes us happy. Having a purpose to our days, whether that is working at an office or working at home or working to raise good children, seems to be critical to how we see ourselves personally and in the world. There are many parts of my life besides work, but in the times when I haven't worked, I've felt somewhat unmoored even if the other parts of my life are fine.

And, of course, on a lighter note, ice cream!

September 30, 2008 - 9:22am


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