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I had Mirena put in one year ago. Was happy...My peroid was getting lighter every month.
Six months after that I start having problems with my bowel, frequent loose and broken stools, plus nausea. Doctors were saying it's may be some virus, and two months after all this struggling with my bowel I start feeling very weird. I lost three kilos without any dieting ,was quite happy BUT got snaking hands, heart palpitatins, feeling weak physicaly, hard to fall asleep.Waking every morning with puffy watery eyes and the strangest thing when i'm squatting my legs I can't get up on my feet from the ground. Start searching on the internet what's wrong with me. Discovered: All this symptoms might be related to thyroid problems. So, yesterday went to doctor and asked for thyroid blood test. Today got phone call, come urgently regarding my test. Guess what? I've got overactive thyroid !Why???? Never had it in my life before and no one in my family too. Now got to take a hadnfull of tablets every day for probably a year or so.
Thank you guys for sharing your storys. I'm going to rid-off Mirena asap.
Next week going to take x-ray of my glands and hopefully nothing serious, God pleeeease...

October 19, 2011 - 4:06am


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