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That article is laughable at best. Within the second paragraph it's established itself as manipulating the results to sensationalize a headline. If BPA is a mediator or moderator for behavioral problems, then so is drinking water and school lunches. They don't even bother to name the actual measure used... I'll see if I can hunt down the journal article it's based off of and see what the results actually say.

As for other people claiming my need for evidence is flawed thinking, go ahead and rip out all your amalgam fillings and replace them with composites. Be careful, though, because according to the above article if you do that for kids they'll develop behavioral problems. This makes my point beautifully- there's a difference between being health conscious and being health paranoid. There is ALWAYS a company out there who will take advantage of people by skewing research results- whether it's so you'll get more expensive fillings or get your kid on mood stabilizing drugs. It's a sad, sad world of hype and hegemony.

July 19, 2012 - 2:30pm


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