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I am 72 y.o and have only had a flu vaccine shot once in my life back in the 90's. I got the flu vaccine on Nov 15,2018 just because of my age and pressured info out there. The vaccine name was Fluzone Quadrivalent Lot #. U6293DA. I developed Shingles on Jan 12, 2019, sought immediate medical intervention. The first 2 months were horrific . The post herpetic pain persists to this day,al be it, less but near constant awareness of the irritation, itch and "faint buzzing along the Ulnar nerve.. I had questioned my PCP about the association between shingles and the flu vaccine last month and he thought no because he never heard of it. Just today I found this info here and will inform him in no uncertain terms . I should have left well enough alone back in Nov.....Does the CDC research the connection ????????? Peace to all you sufferers.

July 11, 2019 - 7:19am


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