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I am so glad I found this website. Adding my unfortunate story here. Actually, I was struggling with whether to get the flu shot this year and have gotten flu shots pretty much every year for the last 20. I have heard of people having bad reactions lately and was on the fence. Well, I gave in when my doc office appt came up and got the shot. The doc assistant there told me he just got his shot too, and his arm was still sore. Fast forward 2.5 weeks later, following up my blood test results and guess who has shingles? Not just me, but the doctor assistant that administered the shot. He had his flu shot a day before mine. He was sick as a dog, with flu symptoms to boot (he's about 22 years old). Mine started like bug bites, on my left leg and then going around my back. Today I'm on Day 5 and the pain in my leg is excruciating. Just called the doc office to find out what kind of vaccine I got so that I can report it. Too much of a coincidence to me. This will be my last year getting a flu shot. Hopefully this will help somebody. I'm only 5 days in and the pain is no joke!

October 24, 2019 - 4:53pm


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