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Wow...a cat for $35,000?!

I have never lived without a household cat, from when I was born to moving away to college, then buying my own home. I've had family pets (the cats I grew up with, but stayed at my parent's home) and then one that was my baby (I got her when I moved into my first apartment without roommates).

I never realized that I was allergic to cats. It's funny, actually, because when I would go home to visit my parents, and my cat would sit on my lap, my arms would itch like crazy and I just thought he had rolled in something outside.

I found out I was allergic to cats by doing a comprehensive allergy test. I was told I'm allergic to cats and not dogs. I thought the doctor was mistaken, because how could I grow up with an animal and not eventually become immune to the dander?!

Anyways, beyond buying a $35,000 cat, individuals can also opt for immunotherapy, which is much cheaper! ($400 for test, $600 for viles of serum and $20 per allergy shot--about 20 shots). It comes out to just under $2,000, but in the end, I have 75-90%% chance of not being allergic to seasonal allergens, dust as well as my beloved cats!

October 12, 2008 - 6:34pm


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