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My family used to live in a huge old Victorian house that was built around 1903. I personally never witnessed any ghost-ness, but once when my brother and sister were pre-teen age, they played with an ouija board and swore up and down that they'd asked if there was a ghost in the house and had gotten the answer yes, and that his name was Samy. My mom, dad and I sort of chalked this up to "kids" and never thought much about it again, even though sometimes a light would be on that no one could remember turning on, etc.

However, years later when we were all grown and out of the house and my mom sold it, the new owners did significant interior renovation that apparently Samy didn't care for. Several months after my mom sold the house, one day the new owners asked her if we'd ever had "events" happen to us in the house -- noises, voices, things being moved while they watched, etc. Apparently there were so many such things going on in the house to the point that the woman would no longer live in it. Shortly thereafter they put the house back on the market and moved out.

Suffice to say, we rethought our opinion on my sister and brother's ouija board game! Moreover, our whole family now likes the fact that apparently we lived in a house where the ghost liked us. :)

October 24, 2008 - 9:26am


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