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There is no better example of phony victims who are actually victimizers than single mothers.We have "single mothers" because more than a million women choose to have children out of wedlock every year in America, and do not then wed or give the babies up for adoption. By their own choices, they consign their children to starting life with second-class status.

Polticians and the media worship these women yet 70% of the ppl in jail were raised by one of these so called "heroines". (Any social ill really)

Recently single women can get sperm bank donations and in britain they can change the name of the father to whomever they want. Your fatherhood is determined by their will.

The black community used to have a better marriage rate, lower divorce rate, and less illegitimate children. Why? Family Values, Community Values, and Traditional Marriages.

Shifting for single motherhood and socioeconomic factors the difference between white and black crime rates disappears.

Who do I blame? Single mothers, feminism, and cultural marxism. The everlasting 'victims'.

March 24, 2009 - 10:47am


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