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If you're going to try and blast her, at least get what she said correct. In her book, Guitly, which I've actually read BEFORE making blanket statements, she does not include woman who are divorced, or who have been widowed. Those are not single moms who fall under the statistics that she quoted.

Ann Coulter is referring to women who make volitional acts to have sex with a man, without marriage, and have children. Many times with multiple men. They then turn around and act like a "victim". They are not victims. Sex is a voluntary act, no one forced them to spread their legs and give birth to illegitimate children. Her complaint is that society makes these loose women out to be victims who somehow deserve to "cared" for.

Statistically, illegitimate children suffer much more than children from traditional families. These women should think about their children more than themselves. The children are the victims, NOT the loose women who continue to give birth to them, many times to more than one child by mulitiple men. At what point did we, in this country, begin to view women who screw around as "victims"? At what point are we going to say enough is enough. If you screw around and can't take care of your own child, then give the child up for adoption to a family that can LOVE that child AND provide for it.

And for those that cry foul when someone points to the men...I DO blame them. I think men will have sex with whoever they can. But, it's the women who make that decision and as so many "pro-choicers" scream, it's HER body. You can't have it both ways!! If it's HER right to "choose", then she should choose more wisely and take responsibility for HER actions.

Condoms and birth control are also provided by the tax payer at EVERY health clinic across the country. They can ride their butts down there for medicaid, food stamps, welfare checks and section 8 housing, but they can't seem to stop by for PREVENTION? I'm not buying it. They want a free ride and they've found their meal tickets. They are NOT victims.

And I don't think Coulter is interesed in "winning people over". I think she's interested in people actually engaging their brains for a second and quit buying into every bleeding heart story that comes down the pipe. When are bleeding hearts going to stand up for the REAL victims, THE CHILDREN?

(I couldn't find the area to give my name as I dislike anyone without the courage to post something without "anonymous" being their "name". So...my name is Kristi and I meant everything I typed in this post)

April 16, 2009 - 6:39am


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