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So I have spent the last 2 hours 'googling' memory loss, memory loss in women, memory loss in young women, etc. So I came across this cite and cant help myself from writing a post!

I am 25, work out 4 times a week, not very stressed out, no kids, sleep 7-8 hours a night and cant help forgetting things all the time. From the research i have been doing i am pretty sure its not short term memory.

I have been forgetting meetings (even when I write them down), can't recall anyone news name, meeting new people, asking my husband questions, leaving my purse at a coffee shop (that sucked :), not withdrawing from a graduate class (now my college wants to charge me $900 bucks), calling my best friends back...

I have been to the doctor a lot this summer because i was really tyred and achey this summer so he took all of my blood work everything turned out fine.

I don't think my memory has gotten worse since the summer I just have forgotten bigger things recently (wallet and class)..

I was thinking about taking some supplements, any suggestions on where I should go or anything else I should do?

Please help!

Missing my wallet in NY

February 25, 2010 - 3:34pm


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