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Thanks for the post. In today's economy when we are concerned about staying afloat with debt, job security and maintaining a certain lifestyle no wonder physical health becomes a target to stress!

Capitalistic societies have created expectations of self-worth on the basis of how much wealth and financial stability we have. Given the current situation of our country, I would not be surprised if we hear in the news about increasing suicides and visits to mental health in 2009.

I live in the OC, Southern California where people live beyond their means to keep up with a materialistic appearance. It is sad to see how far we are willing to compromise our wellbeing in the name of status, keeping appearances, and a consumerism that is not essential for true happiness. With my husband's terminal illness, I decided not to work full time in 2008, losing 50% of our joined income was difficult, we had to make many sacrifices and postponed vacations, purchases, etc. We have been blessed with many friends who provided my kids with Christmas presents this year. God provided every turn we made. I am no longer worried, but I feel for those people who are not as blessed as we have been. I pray for them and hope they find the emotional peace to stay strong.

January 13, 2009 - 10:23pm


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