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I sit here reading with tear filled eyes, because Christmas of 2012 I took a picture with my husband I was then at 189lbs. March of 2013 I lost my job and out of pure bordum went for a walk, not realizing it I walked 4 miles, so I decicided while looking for work during the day I'm going to start walking by that summer I was down to 145. I couldn't believe I had lost so much weight, fast forward a year I started weight training and could nearly see abs after not even being able to see my feet a year a 1/2 before. I had gotten down from a 14 to a 6 smaller then before my first child and 135 10 lbs shy of age 18 weight. I was extatic. Then came Nov 2014 worst period I gad ever had cramps so bad I thought I was going into labor, periods had been heavy filling pads in an hour, but this was bad, i bleed down my leg. Went to the hospital found out I had fibroids, my doctor worned me you don't need a hysterectomy, we can freeze them off. But I had Cervical Cancer that was non active, that had all tge sudden become active, but was not attacking my cells yet! All the pain and i would work, hm, sleep, make dinner, sleep, eat, shower, sleep everyday. I thought hysterectomy was my best solution. But I've gained 10 lbs in the 3 months after the surgery, and i am craving sweets like crazy. I'm going to hsve to take control of this now, but how, is there a Dr. out there with tge answer. I couldn't read past the first page. I'm not taking in sodas,white sugar, i drink decaf green tea w stevia water and coffee w stevia only. And usually try to eat a salad half of the plate with every meal. But am I wishing on false hopes due to lacj of hormone. Someone help.

June 15, 2015 - 9:17pm


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