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A woman cannot exist as such without estrogen, IMO.

Another result from having a hysterectomy that so many doctors try to hide from us or skip over. The only thing that will really work is a tummy tuck. But unless one has the money, it's not an option since insurance won't pay for it. And don't forget the huge increase in breast size. Some women are pleased, while those of us who were already "blessed" with large breasts now are carrying around udders. Again breast reduction would be the only solution, and it's considered cosmetic unless you can get a sympathetic doctor who will try to write up something that will convince insurance to pay for at least part of it.
The weight gain is another wonderful side effect of the surgery and again is either not addressed or is blamed on the woman (not eating right, not exercising etc.) which is a crock of you know what. My wonderful pain management doc gave me a supplement that the body thinks is estrogen. I don't weigh myself, it's too depressing, but my clothes are a lot looser and even my waist is emerging.
My suggestion is to do a lot of internet research; not just on supplements but also forums where women discuss the ridiculous shape that this horrible surgery left us in.
So many of us have been deceived.

February 6, 2016 - 7:54am


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