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But at least a tummy tuck would give some semblance of normalcy and be an improvement, though we can never return to what we were.

I read an article on another forum where a woman, who had great insurance, received a cosmetic procedure to re-create her support structures. As soon as the first surgeon was done, the cosmetic surgeon came in and used the remaining ligaments, muscles etc. to avoid that horrid apron and pull other structures up.
Don't you hate it when doctors and others say "just eat right and exercise more and it will go away". Nope. That is NOT how this scenario works.

Am I allowed to toot my own horn here? If not, please delete the following but I have written an article "My Hysterectomy Horror" which is on the internet. Not written for gain but to detail the hell that I went through and still am experiencing. I wanted to tell other women what most doctors don't, and the fallout even years later from this surgery. Also it was great therapy just to write it all down. I recommend doing that just to get the frustrations out.
P.S. Check out images on the internet of before and after tummy tucks. If we could only get half those results, I would be thrilled.

February 9, 2016 - 11:11am


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