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I had no pain whatsoever. Just a light pink showing sometimes on my underwear. I later learned this was due to a polyp rubbing against the side of my uterus. My husband kept begging me to get a second opinion but I didn't-something I really regret.
I was wondering if your doctor had tried any medications first to try and control your condition. Though often medications have their own bothersome side effects.

An update is that my regular doctor who also believes in natural medicines has put me on two supplements and since then my weight has dropped (higher metabolism) as well as a change in my body shape--I am getting a waist again! My "brain fog" has also cleared up.

There are some doctors who are experimenting with new treatments for fibroids so as to avoid major surgery. Hopefully one day we will see the end of using drastic means when it comes to women's problems. It was not all that long ago when doctors believed that all women's problems were caused by hysteria!

March 27, 2017 - 7:44am


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