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Loca, so glad you asked this question. It's certainly one that requires a great deal of thought.

I think that I, also, would want to know. Of course you never know for sure unless you are actually in the position and needing to make the decision. But I think I would want to know.

If I tested positive, I'm not sure that I would do anything different than your extra vigilance, Susan, but I think that my decision-making process would then take on a different pathway. Instead of wondering how I'd feel, I would know how I'd feel and could proceed from there. I might decide that a double mastectomy with reconstruction would be something that was right for me. While having the gene doesn't necessarily mean you'd get the cancer, being pro-active about the possibiity is something that might appeal to me in that situation.

I think I'd feel differently if it was gene testing on something for which there was no cure, at least not yet. In that case, if there was nothing to do but have the knowledge, I don't believe I'd want the knowledge.

Good food for thought, Loca. Thank you.

January 27, 2009 - 10:36am


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