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Thanks for your comments. I was in therapy as I used to have issues with insecurity, a few drinks too many, career problems, etc.. Also, I believe that we can all benefit from therapy. I really just see it as a way to get feelings out and a way to deal with issues. I happened to discuss the abortion also in my sessions though it was not a major topic of conversation. I haven't been for a while though.

My boyfriend is also a little on the fence about kids. He always thought that he would meet a girl who would convince him to have a child....and he met me!! LOL! he wants one more than I do though. He thinks also, that I would be a great mother. I am extremely maternal with my dogs; caring, compassionate, bring them to bed with me, spoil them, etc..

How did you deal with the sudden change in status , suddenly being a "Mom" and not a "cool girl"??? Did you have issues with breast feeding? How did you deal with pregnancy in general?
Do you feel now that there is more "meaning" to life?

Thanks so much for the time and effort you have put into answering my questions!

January 27, 2009 - 3:02pm


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