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Thanks everyone for your great responses.It's interesting how the common thread of joy and sacrifice comes through in your posts.
I have so many more questions....but these answers help a great deal.
It seems that no one out there regrets their pregnancy , happily.
I had a friend once take me aside when I was about 25 and she was around 40 and she said that she had real regrets as she felt tied to a man she didn't love and felt she had lost her freedom, with her two boys. But maybe that was just her....and she may have been unhappy anyhow.
How did any of you deal with the feelings of loosing your freedom? Did you have family support? Did any of you still have an occasional glass of wine while pregnant? I can't stand the idea of not being able to have an occasional drink. Did you have help so you could go out sometimes alone or with your husband after giving birth?
Do your husbands help a great deal? I can't stand the thought of having to get up every night while my man snores! And mine is a wonderful guy! He just doesn't wake up no matter what! I had a little dog who suffered from seizures and my boyfriend lay asleep while I jumped up within seconds(sometimes even before the seizure would start!)to help him.
I believe that the work should be split 50/50, especially as I am the one who is forced to give birth!
Did any of you struggle with weight gain? Is it ok to continue to work out and hike while pregnant?
Does the nine months creep by or is it over in a flash?
Did all of you breastfeed? I am a little squeamish about this as I am quite modest and also the idea of it sounds painful and weird.

Thanks again, girls!!

January 27, 2009 - 4:28pm


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