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Hi Patt thanks for that!!!coz I'm really doubting if the girl was telling the truth..she's actually the 2nd girl of my bf(but they ended up already)..and my bf confessed to me bout that. The girl said until now i think she's still taking a medicine coz she has UTI. I'm wondering when she told that she had a n infection with her blood and she used vaginal suppository for 7days. she had her papsmear last march2010 and I guess she's gonna have another papsmear after medication.At that time I also had BV...and I'm wondering coz I only have one partner. IS THERE ANY CONNECTION WHY I GOT BV?I still have to go back to my OB to make sure that I have no BV already. I finished my medication last thursday but at my 7th day of medication I have my menstration that's why I wasn't able to see my OB. please answer if it has something to do with that girl?I mean why I got BV? coz my bf has also BV he also has to take medicine which my OB told me..but not necessary to really treat my partner. I"ll wait for your answer. Thank you so much...I need to clear this big question of mine.

May 3, 2010 - 6:25am


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