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Susanc: in addition to Anon's posting, one thing you may want to consider for acne problems at your age is possible yeast and candida overgrow in your gut. This could be due to previous antibiotic treatments or food sensitivities. It is common medical practice to use antibiotics to treat acne problems, this is a double-edge sword and gets your body on a vicious cycle by killing good bacteria in your gut, thus allowing yeast and candida to take over. Among the nutritional deficiencies you may want to consider low levels on Zinc and fatty acids which are crucial in preventing acne. Here is a list of natural things I would suggest:

1. Vitex - also known as chasteberry. Try 160mg of the extract or 40 drops of the tincture. There is great scientific data now that recognizes chasteberry as a hormone balancer to reduce acne

2. Take 1-2 tablespoons of flaxseed oil or 3 to 5 grms of fish oil daily

3. Zinc - 50mg twice daily with meals for three months and reduce the dosage to 50mg once daily. This is the best mineral to treat acne.

4. Burdock root - 300mg to 500mg capsules daily or 1 cup of tea three times daily.

January 30, 2009 - 10:59pm


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