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As I sit here 12 months post vasectomy still in pain (PVPS) I regret ever entertaining the idea of having the procedure. I have exhausted every conservative measure left trying to alleviate my pain. I have less than one week until I return to my Urologist for another follow-up appointment. I am soon to be at a crossroad as to what I do next. I essentially have three options left:
First option is to have a reversal. I watched the procedure and it does not look fun, the incisions run the entire length of both testicle. Needless to say, it is more invasive than the vasectomy itself and it defeats the whole reason I did it in the first place. Every time anyone goes under the knife, you run risks that you might not want to face if something goes wrong.

Second option is have a procedure where they go into the vas deferen tube and use micro tools to strip the cord of the nerve endings (denervation). High success rate but you can no longer get a reversal if it doesn't work and there is a chance that the procedure might make the pain worse (I have been unlucky already, do I take another risk).

Third option is to live in pain for the rest of my life. This option is one I do not like but it is still an option nonetheless.

Removing my testicle or epididymis is not a legitimate option for me because my pain is not in that area so I did not list it as a viable option.

I am truly frustrated with the whole process. I truly feel that no one really cares about any of us statistics (botched operations or whatever the cause). We are the silent minority that just gets to endure the pain. Of course, everyone says to your face that they are sorry but no one is marching in the streets, writing letters to the AMA or Congress about stopping vasectomies because men are taking risks that they should not be taking or it is an unsafe procedure that should be outlawed. (Read dontfixit.org)

I am also frustrated that the original doctor that did the procedure just walked right out the procedure room when I told him I was in pain (10 days post vasectomy). He did not even want to help me, nor to this day has he.

I am frustrated that we men have to set in silent agony because we are supposed to do our part in family planning and in this politically correct environment, we can’t say anything with out coming across as heartless pigs if we choose not to do this procedure. We are told: “do your part”, “to man up”, “catch up to the 21st century” (actual quote form the female doctor on the show "Doctors" to a male guest), and that it shouldn't just all be our wives responsibility to carry the burden of preventing pregnancy. Do I feel that I can take some control and responsibility, yes of course, because I did?
One last statement: If a woman is not sterile, she can still become pregnant.

December 7, 2011 - 10:17pm


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