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Simple – just takes 15 minutes- every other operations complications are often overstated but this one is hugely understated which causes its own problems. 3 years of pain and a permanent damaging experience- I think it is very wrong to suggest men recover and are back to normal the next day. The operation-there was a moment of extreme electrocution when the Anaesthetic was found not to be strong enough- my operation took 50 minutes and the surgeon claimed to have done hundreds! It was painful and hell- At the time I thought it would at least lead to more sex.
It has caused me pain ever since although this has subsided over time. First week felt very ill -pain absolutely foul– pain reduced a bit over 3 months but then remained quit painful for about 9 months. The pain often caused me to wake in the first year and occasionally I still wake up with pain from my balls. Since then my balls have occasionally swelled causing a lot a pain for over a few days (Ibuprofen will work over a few days) and I quite often get an uncomfortable ache. Adjusting balls is often necessary – not something I had done before. Cycling is particularly affected and cycling shorts with padding with a wider saddle are a must now. Previously was happy with my testicles and not really conscious of them ever bothering me.
Is sex affected – well I was put off completely for 9 months because of the pain stabbing and sex has never returned to quite the same level enjoyment (orgasm afterwards was quite uncomfortable because I got a stabbing pain on the sides and the balls felt like they were really full and painful like you had not come) The experience for me was extremely disappointing. I had a have horrid stabbing pain and this spoiled sex activity!
From what I have read the damage is physically done and nothing will put my two humpty dupties back again. Any attempt to physically repair is almost impossible as reopening would causes more scaring etc. I will not go voluntarily to any Dr again.
I thought I was “man” enough to handle the operation and thought men who did not were selfish and felt that must be less of a real man as they put their balls before their brains – but the feeling is of castration or something like it and I cannot move on and am still angry. I can’t talk about it (unsurprisingly this is shared with at least ½ the men they never tell anyone!) If I did not love my deeply I do not suppose I would bother about sex anymore- my libido is not as it was.
For social reasons this operation is hugely overstated in its simplicity my understanding is that about a 1/3 of men suffer long term from this “minor simple operation”. It is an irony because this operation is often known to cause more regret than perhaps any other operation – so why is it so promoted!

August 26, 2009 - 3:42pm


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