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A vasectomy is the common-sense answer here. Unfortunately SO many men are really just a bunch of wusses if we want to be honest. The idea of getting "nipped" is really what is stopping them from getting a vasectomy (but yet we can go through natural labor or have to undergo c-sections without complaining, right?) My husband is one of those "Oh god, No!" guys at the mere mention of a vasectomy-- which, to me, is extremely irritating. It is irritating because I am done after #2 but no doctor in their right mind would tie my tubes at my age. So, in order to avoid baby #3 I will have to do thorough research on long-term birth control and possibly have to go through more than one method until I find what's best for me. It's not ideal but if all else fails maybe I'll just buy him a massive collection of porn to get him through life without sex (I kid).

March 2, 2010 - 2:11pm


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