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Wow. I could have written exactly what you just wrote. Mine was in Oct 2009 too. Same situation down to the test for Brachial Plexus Neuropathy... which of course, was too late to have a definitive answer. I did file a claim with the National Vaccine Recovery Fund and WON my case. Just got my settlement check and it was substantial. WE HAVE BEEN DAMAGED BY THIS FLU VACCINE. BY IMPROPER ADMINISTRATION OR THE CONCOCTION ITSELF. PLEASE EVERYONE EXPERIENCING WHAT WE HAVE DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!!! YOU DESERVE TO BE COMPENSATED FOR THE PAIN AND SUFFERING. DO YOUR RESEARCH WITH THE FUND AND FIND AN APPROVED ATTORNEY (which can only be found on the fund site) AND START A CLAIM. Note, you can not start the claim until you've experience pain for 6 months. Most importantly, start a log of your life after vaccination. dates and notes on all Dr. visits and tests performed. Keep copies of all your Dr. comments. Ask if you have to for Dr. comments to put in writing for you. Advocate for yourself. Don't let them bully you into believing that it isn't the vaccine. With the majority of the issues you all are writing, it is more than likely the vaccine or the administration of it. This, of course, is just my opinion and I am not in the medical field. Just experienced in the pain and suffering that visited me on Oct. 8, 2009. By the way, it does get better. Just left with arthritis caused by the damage at this point. Days here and there that it hurts enough to take some ibuprofen. Range of motion is probably at about 85-90% of normal for 55 yrs old. :) Best of Luck to you all.

November 30, 2013 - 1:39pm


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