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It's really better to use natural sweetners which do not raise the glycemic index. I swear by sucanat and agave. They sweeten really well without having the same negative effect on the body.

Stevia is not artificial at all. It is a South American shrub whose leaves have been used for centuries by native peoples in Paraguay and Brazil to sweeten their yerba mate and other stimulant beverages.
Stevioside, the main ingredient in stevia is virtually calorie-free and hundreds of times sweeter than table sugar. That's why it appeals to so many people - Stevia is a healthy and safe alternative for Diabetics

Agave syrup consists primarily of fructose and glucose. Due to its fructose content and the fact that the glycemic index only measures glucose levels, agave syrup is notable in that its glycemic index and glycemic load are lower than many other natural sweeteners on the market, therefore it is also good for diabetics.

Sucanat is generally accepted as a substitute for brown sugar. Unlike regular brown sugar, sucanat is grainy instead of crystalline. Of all major sugars derived from sugar cane, Sucanat (not a "processed" sugar)ranks the highest in nutritional value, containing a smaller proportion of sucrose than white cane sugar.

To make a long story short, why use "artificial sweeteners" when there are so many great alternatives available from the health food store?

February 11, 2009 - 12:17am


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