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I have to agree with the feeling that Valentine's Day has morphed into a highly commercialized day in our modern society. Nonetheless, it's a special day for my DH and me, one that we're not always able to share ON the 14th because he's usually out of town. Lately, I'm preparing to run a marathon or half marathon (this weekend, it's a marathon). How romantic, NOT!

My DH is a bit of a romantic, which, after 30 years of marriage, is greatly appreciated. We don't go overboard, we just do something meaningful to us. We're into food, wine and roses, and he likes the cards I make for him.

So, yes, I care about Valentine's Day because I am fortunate to have someone special to share it with - on whatever day we can be together.

I worry about how my daughter feels about the day, though. But, that's another story.

Just because we're discussing Valentine's Day, here's something on the origins - and the original meanings.

February 11, 2009 - 8:29pm


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