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Diane P, I found myself hesitating about posting this, but here it is.

I am not close to being romantic, at least it is not my nature but Valentines Day was always a special day for me. My hubby always made it special. Not just because he got me flowers or a piece of jewelry, but because he made it a tradition by finding this romantic little restaurant in our town where he made reservations every year and for the same table. I always looked forward to having the time alone with him surrounded by soft music, dim lights, and a handful of couples celebrating romance. The food, the homemade chocolate and the wine added to the experience and intimacy we could not afford any other time during the year due to our busy lives. We are not able to do this for the past two years because he is now on a feeding tube and totally paralized. However, the memories remain in my heart but I cannot help to feel sad thinking about those happy, romantic moments he created for us.

February 12, 2009 - 2:13am


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