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To answer the question, not really.

Maybe it has something to do with most everyone I know going through a single phase, but I don't know many people who even realized it was quickly approaching (this was last Sunday).

In fact, my roommates and I scheduled to have a party Valentine's day and didn't even realize there was a conflict. The fun part is, since everyone there will be single, it has turned into an anti-V-day party and no one is allowed to wear red or pink.

In truth though, I think it is depressing that people need a holiday to do something nice for the one they love. Sure I love chocolate and flowers, but I rather get this on an ordinary day rather than V-day.

On the flip side, if I wasn't single I would be disappointing if I didn't get anything. It's officially expected to celebrate love on Feb. 14, but I suppose that's not such a bad thing.

February 12, 2009 - 1:28pm


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