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Progesterone may only be part of the problem. you need to check into Metabolic syndrome. there is a cascade of events that happen when your labs are off. I would check your cortisol level. Check your insulin levels vitamin d , and T3 and t4. Check your HgA1C. If you are insulin resistant , all the exercise in the world will not matter. You will gain weight. I am an RN and suffered for years until I finally found a doc to listen. the media is now taking note of metabolic syndrome. Let me tell you, four days after starting to correct my labs, I felt great. previously, I had the weight gain despite 1200 call ,low glycemic diet and a personal trainer. I had chronic insomnia and anxiety. As an RN , I knew I was becoming a health risk for cardiac issues. Thank God, I found someone . Metabolic Syndrome, 30-40% of the population have it. But know one is checking there patients. O by the way, the first ,
Month , I dropped 14 pounds with no change in what I was doing. In four days , my insomnia ceased. I was sleeping 1-2 hours a night for over a year. On the fouth day,I slept 14 hours. Now when I lay down, I fall fast asleep.

June 21, 2015 - 3:12pm


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