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I only know one person that 100% pretended to have cancer. I believe she did it for a couple of reasons... Who really know though.. Obviously people who tell others they have cancer, when they actually do not, do so because ; 1 - they want the attention, they do not care what kind of attention they get, as long as they are the center of attention in every conversation. 2 - they are unstable mentally, they don't think of the consequences they will face when found out (if they are found out), they also have no respect for people who actually do have cancer, and are having to deal with the life draining side effects of chemo.
3 - They are trying to get out of having to take responsibility for anything in their life.

The woman I know, who lied about having cancer (but do not associate with unless absolutely necessary) is absolutely out of her mind. The first time she lied about cancer (that I am aware of ) was when she was an attorney (she is now disbarred, and is unable to ever practice law again,(тнanĸ тнe lord) She had started her own law practice after being fired by the city, for having an affair with a co-worker) She ask her wealthy uncle to borrow $25,000 so she could Advertise to get her practice going. When potential clients came in, and decided to hire her, she gladly accepted a retainer fee of $3,000-$5000 from them. Then she basically did nothing on their case. When the people who had paid her would call her to ask for their money back, or their case status, she would pretend to be her secretary and told those calling "I'm sorry M****** has been diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She is about to undergo surgery, and is currently going through chemo and radiation.
Lying about having Cancer did not help her in the long run, it only prolonged the charges that she was going to have to face for a few months. Many people filed complaints with the Bar. Turned out she had swindled over $340,000 from people in a little less than 2 years. No one knows where the money she had stolen went. Because she has nothing to show for it, and it's not in any bank. People assume it went to support her expensive drug habit
This same woman is also known for her dramatic behavior. She LOVES when a family member, or her current husband who is about 35 years her senior gets sick. It gives her a reason to sit on her lazy keister! But she tells anyone, including her children who are 12, and 15 she is unable to do this or that for them because Aunt SusieQ is sick and she has to go help her, even though she has never helped anyone in her life.
I don't know if she actually even knows anyone who has had cancer. If they did have cancer they wouldn't tell her, because she would make their cancer, ALL ABOUT HER.
Just like when her 99 year old grandmother died, she made the death all about her. Even after the funeral and a few weeks had passed by. She decided that she needed to sue her grandmothers caretakers for neglect, stating that they were not attending to her needs. Even though the caretaker was the daughter, and her husband. Who are very wealthy (actually the same people who she borrowed $25,000 to start her new business of stealing from people)
Everyone knows how mentally unstable this woman is. No one believes a word she says, her own family refuses to associate with her because of the risk involved if they do. She will not hesitate to spread a nasty rumor online and destroy a persons reputation, if you refuse to give her what she wants.
We believe she might actually be a sociopath. She use to be a functioning sociopath for about 4 years, but since being fired from the city, it's been an ugly downward spiral since....

April 24, 2015 - 4:03am


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