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I know a girl who I believe faked Asperger's syndrome. We were very close for several years. In the beginning she began to have these eye twitches. They were completely exaggerated twitching which she made sure everyone around her was aware of it, she would ask have you noticed my eyes twitching?

Next it was anemia and again she made sure everyone knew if she didn't have sugar every hour she would pass out.

Soon after that she moved and I didn't see her for a couple of years. She came to visit and told me she was having seizures. I met up with her and she told me she felt one coming on so she went and laid down on the couch. She stretched one leg out while she pushed her head back into the cushion and began to shake her stretched leg.

A few years passed after not seeing each other and she came to visit me at my work. When I gave her a hug she screamed monkey sounds in my ear she started banging her fist on tables then did the number counting thing with her hand. She continued with the most extreme stutter anyone could imagine explaining that she had been diagnosed with a mild form of tourettes called Asperger's. Through her stuttering and monkey sounds she told me she said the N word on a bus and often uses obscenities. Our mutual friend worked with me at that time and after she left we looked at each other and complete disgust. Did she really just fake Aspergers? Did she really get diagnosed? By a doctor? For real? She had asked me to help her with a video Aspergers and that's when I delicately told her what I thought. We are no longer friends.

September 10, 2015 - 12:22am


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