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A well-educated woman in a prestigious position always had her vague, but serious illnesses and/or fantastical accidents, with subsequent injuries pop up whenever her long-distance boyfriend opted spend the Holidays with his daughters, when there was an unpleasant situation she wanted to avoid, was in wanting sattention, someone's labor and/or to play victim whenever someone was upset with her. Just before she was about to be fired in a very public and humiliating manner, she opted to resign due to another vague, undiagnosable medical condition. Now with no income and too humiliated to go out and find another position and having to explain her Board of Directors gave her a vote of no confidence, she vigorously pursued obtaining Disability. With a 6 figure salary, Disability income would give her a pretty comfortable lifestyle without having to work. She did her research, identified a disease and started claiming those symptoms, when doctors pointed out her test results were inconsistent with what she was reporting, she was off to a new doctor and a new set of symptoms. When friends would ask how she was, she would give long, exhaustive stories about how her tests were "the worst the doctor have ever seen", but they needed more testing to determine what was her illness. Soon, she was claiming to have Cancer, Mitral-valve prolapse, Addison's Disease, Hashimoto's Disease, a Brain Stem Injury, she was leaking Spinal Fluid from her brain, HBV-6, a brain virus, Lead and Mercury Poisoning, Lyme Disease that has entered her brain, pituitary gland and her organs, etc. She has had Go Fund Me donations on their website, and in person and in emails, has straight up begged and pleaded for money. It was odd how entitled she was and how angry she was when people wouldn't give her their parents' retirement, or pay off her mortgage, pay for her daughter to live in the dorms when she lives 2 blocks from the University, or give her $200K "because they have it". When she isnt begging for money, she is begging for people to come over to clean her house, do repairs and back-breaking yard work, claiming how fun it will be and oh, could they bring dinner, too. My favorite was when she was pleading for money so she couod see a world reknowned expert, who of course, believed she had the worst test results they have ever seen and the docto was the only one who could save her life, and of course it would be a 2-3 week stay to receive this treatment, which happens to be in Maui when there is 2 ft on the ground in Oregon and the weather forecast is another month of 20 degree weather. It has been 3 years, she has given up on receiving Disabilty ever since she was ordered to complete a Psychological Evaluation to determine Malingering. Sadly, people continue to give her thousands upon thousands of dollars, often to their own detriment, shower her with sympathy and their hard labor. I fear she will not be caught and this manipulation game will continue.

October 3, 2015 - 8:22pm


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