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Is it possible for someone to fake MS? We have a situation whereby my husbands ex had through the length of their marriage a great number of "illnesses" that required her to be in bed all day and prevented her to move when he acquired a job out of state, she actually told my husband that she was going to need a kidney transplant because she had polysystic kidney disease and would probably die in ten years. Once he found out that she was lying about her illnesses and actually out shopping 20-25 days a month and incurring $25,000 on the credit card each month while he thought she was sick and dying (she was 40 at the time), they divorced once he found all of this out and now she claims to have MS and actually has a doctor that went on the stand saying that she definitely has MS...we had an independent doctor examine her and said that although she could have MS based on her self reported symptoms, he thought that she might be after secondary gains. He felt that her MRIs revealed nothing remarkable. She was awarded 5 years of alimony (the judge did not believe she had MS) that ended yesterday and found a 9th attorney (yes, she has gone though 8 lawyers in 5 years) this attorney has set forth a motion for modification of the alimony stating that there has been an extreme change of circmstances. She wants permanent alimony and has refused to work since the divorce and has not worked since marrying my husband 12 years ago. It's a horrible thing to watch and the idea that someone would fake a life threatening illness for money.

October 31, 2015 - 1:27pm


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