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Ugh, I had the misfortune of knowing not one, but TWO girls who did crap like this.
The first one I twigged onto not long after she joined my friendship group. I was in high school at the time, and struggling with having been then-recently sexually assaulted. I was spilling my guts to my friendship group after they inquired why I wasn't as 'huggy' as usual, and I kid you not, about three sentences in, the little histrionic cow talked over the top of me about her VERY GRAPHIC story about how she'd been raped. I actually dissociated because my mind couldn't handle her describing it.
She kept updating the story as it went along too. I figured out the truth, though: She deliberately sought out a loser of a guy with abusive tendencies and started a relationship, they treated each other badly, and after an incredibly messy and dramatic breakup, she somehow managed to corral her friends into attacking the guy over Facebook. And people wonder why I stay anonymous online! I mean, I was in senior high school, you know, the age where you start to act like a mature adult, not a bratty little drama queen!
The second friend I had known since kindergarten, and here is where shit gets bad. She was actually ill most of the time- She had bacteria in her stomach that, in a grossly simple version of what they did, ate her food before she could. This created a chain reaction of problems, so she got used to the attention garnered from being sick at a young age. As soon as puberty hit, this attention-seeking got out of control. She started self-diagnosing herself with all kinds of illnesses (Aspergers, Depression, Anxiety (generalised, acute AND social!), Irritable Bowel, Coeliac disease etc) purely by cherry picking things of medical forums. You are reading this correctly: she has faked autism. She has none of the symptoms, besides a self-imposed "social awkwardness" from her having no insight into her behaviour whatsoever.
She's the kind of girl that you visit her house, and she deliberately starts a fight with her parents, and then claims she was being abused. I have actually experienced familial abuse and to have her appropriating this kind of bullshit makes me want to swap families. I'd love to have her parents as my own, and even though my own parents did abuse me, I can still appreciate all the things they've done for me.
She's now started faking being gay… Or more accurately, a 'Pan-romantic genderqueer demisexual'. I KNOW she's faking it, because she only really started doing this after it became popular to do so on tumblr. She's making a huge deal about it, reblogging posts such as 'I HATE STRAIGHT PEOPLE! THEY ALL SHOULD DIE!11! LOLOLOL WHAT A GREAT JOKE! KEEP REBLOGGING THIS BECAUSE IT WILL MAKE STRAIGHT PEOPLE ANGRY!" Which, as an actual homosexual, makes me want to vomit my intestines into someone's lunch.
I've known her for ages and I don't want to be friends with her anymore. She's only interested in drama, herself, and how many followers she has on her various social media platforms. Both friends deliberately did badly in high school and fucked up their potential career paths- most days, they didn't even show up to class. That didn't stop them from uploading lots of videos on their youtube channels though.
I wish I knew how to stop being friends with them. The first girl I mentioned I can drift away from nice and easy because I don't have to keep in contact after high school. The girl I knew since kindergarten, not so much. I honestly don't know what to do- she could easily launch a cyber-attack on me, because people on social media tend to become incredibly sheep-like. Hence my need for anonymity!
Ugh. How do I deal with this crap?

January 5, 2017 - 8:20pm


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