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My Mom was always feining constant illness and I think she did it as a control tool.
My Step-Dad never cried except when he came to me asking what happened to his life. I couldn't provide an explanation in my mid twenties.
But now I know she carried the illness as an excuse to control her family.
He passed away at 52 feeling his life had been stolen by her. He was a passive guy and Mom died a year later on the same day of his death.
She called me to ask if it was ok for her to pass on. I gave her permission even though she had a child only 18. I assumed she was very ill and broken hearted.
The next morning she allowed my brother to find her dead.
What a selfish person. Only after 30 years am I able to put a medical tag on her.
Thank God I was strong enough to survive her abuse. My brother 10 years my junior...blew up to 450 pounds and died when he was only 42.

June 17, 2017 - 7:08pm


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