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Susan, this is a great share which brought back many long ago memories. This is exactly what I used to do as a kid. When I say kid, I mean Kindergarten through Third Grad(ish). Growing up, I had a tremulous childhood with an physically abusive father. As I remember, I was sick very often as a child.

As I look back now, it was certainly due to stress and fear. I always feared a severe beating from a father who appeared to be upset that other people were alive and around him at times. Very strange man with unknown reasons of being so upset with my brother and I, all the time. He did not abuse drugs or alcohol, he was just an angry individual.

I used to fake being sick all the time. I would have severe stomach aches, migraines and everything that a youngster could think of. All I wanted to do was go to the hospital and not have to go home. I remember one time going to the family physician (AGAIN), and he made my Mother leave the room and he sat down next to me and said, “Hunny, is there something going on at home?”

I never answered his question. Instead, I sobbed uncontrollably for several minutes. He hugged me and told me that everything was alright. Afterwards, he called my Mother into the room and told her that there is something going on in the home and that I would rather be anywhere else but there so I am playing sick all the time. There was nothing wrong with me as I was a very athletic child.

I never told anyone at that time what was going on at home nor did I talk about it that day. It was about two years later that I finally told my Mother and that was the end of the abuse as we packed our things and left the dreadful man.

After reading this article, I think in some circumstances, there may be other underlying reasons why people fake illnesses. Not only for attention but maybe sometimes for safety or security. I always felt a safety blanket when I was sick from the evil man, as I was babied by my Mother instead of being the bullseye of my Father's abuse.

I guess this may just be food for thought but this certainly hit home. Thanks for the share.

November 12, 2009 - 5:31pm


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