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for as long as i can remember my mum hasnt gone a week without having some sort of headache or ailment. now every single day without fail she says she has head aches, back pains etc. But she has been tested for EVERYTHING and there is nothing wrong. she insists on returning to the hospital for further tests all the time, convinced they are going to find something. first of all, slowly, she lost all her friends, then her family (sisters etc) began to distance themselves from her, and now my brothers sister father and i all can't stand listening to the complaining anymore. she tells us constantly how much pain she is in. she complains about people who dont ask her "how she is doing". If you have anything wrong with you, you are guaranteed that she will develop it too within the hour. she is ruining my life, and my families. we either want our mother back (and my dad wants his wife back) or she needs to be sectioned. i dont know who to turn to, who to talk to, everyone is afraid to confront her because she will manipulate anything we say. i would almost say that i hate her. i hope that someone will read this post and tell me what i need to do, because i seem to be the only person who is trying to fix this. please someone help me

December 14, 2009 - 9:55am


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