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I have a colleague who has been throwing "sickies" off work in the last couple of months. One morning she made 15 different complaints, some of which she repeated over and over again within a 5 hour period at work. She threw 1 - 2 days off sick a week for about 6 weeks. She did not do it for a couple of weeks after returning from visiting her family in her born country. Yesterday she threw another sicky, and also today. This person is also my flatmate, i have not seen or heard her be sick once, and yesterday she blatantly lied that she had eaten twice and been sick, theres absolutely no evidence and i know her cleaning habbits. Also if she were loose 4 times through the night, would i not smell it or any cleaning products she has used? So far complaints have been sickness, diarrhea, feeling cold, ankle ache, amongst many more though none as drastic as cancer, and other colleagues and myself are getting fed up with the lies. Ive read about Munchausen, she does seem to see her doctor more than what most people do though she hasn't been to hospital with symptoms, and Hypochondriasis doesn't seem to be it too. Any ideas anyone?

March 6, 2010 - 3:02am


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