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Anonymous (reply to Pat Elliott)

Hi Pat thanks for the reply, The difficulty is that she changes her "illnesses", it could be a reappearing cold, but she's over exaggerating i.e its obvious she's well enough to work but making out its worse than what it is. She pinned the last sickness onto "nonovirus" (not sure if i have that right), sometimes its simply that she feels sick. I feel that she makes up any excuse, as its not one illness thats ongoing so i'm not sure how to approach the diagnoses aspect? My team leader never questions her, i try making hints if i get asked to work because my flatmates ill, like "is she?" but it doesn't work, and if the team leader cant get it covered thats when its harder on me or my colleagues. I had an little go at my flatmate a few weeks back as she were also being really lazy when at work, i'd asked her if she felt ok and she put on her "poorly" voice and told me everything physically wrong with her, at which point i ended up shouting well i'm tired too, and i have headache too! after, she seemed to get better for a week but thats it. I'm starting to think alot of it is she doesn't want to work, ive tried suggesting she sort it out i.e look for another job. If she's off ill she gets the sympathy of out clients asking if she's ok which just rocks the boat more with everyone. My flatmate can be funny sometimes, she can take things the wrong way, its risky because i cant afford a fall out, but at the same time i feel like telling to to pack it in and stop crying wolf!

March 15, 2010 - 2:37am


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