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My sister has had this boyfriend for some years now.
At first he seemed like an okay kinda person.
But now me & my mom have seen it all.
Her boyfriend loves faking illnesses/injuries. He said before that he had cancer & it got cured by paracetomal. How can paracetomal clear cancer? Im sure he would of been a millionaire if he had found the cure for cancer, right?
What we think triggered all this off was my moms friend had serious breast cancer so he obviously thought because she got attention, he could to?
He claimed to be a builder, which he did a job for his mate & his mate said basically he was crap at it. Sean was alone whilst doing the job, & apparently fell down 2 flights of stairs & got concussed, but yet still managed to ring the ambulance for himself. Whilst being taken to the hospital & been put in a head brace (still supposingly concussed) he managed to take a photo of himself in a head brace & braodcasted it all over facebook. Like im sure people that have been real concussed, arent all happy & jolly.
My nephews christening came on the 31st may last year & because my nephew was getting attention, sean thought he should have some sort of attention by saying he had a hole in his heart. This was never checked out by a doctor or anything.
One night sean had stayed at my sisters when I was there & went in the bathroom, then all we heard was a big bang, so my sister went in & there was sean lying on the floor. He got checked out by a paramedic & the paramedic said he was 100% fine. But when they had gone sean was determined that he had collapsed & fainted.
The other week, my sisters mates mom was getting married. The night before the big day & yet again sean needed more attention. So yet again he went into the bathroom where nobody could see him & then after 20minutes he came out & said he has just had a panic attack, whats there to panic about? Its not like he was the one getting married. An ambulance was called yet again, & once again the paramedic's said he was fine. After the paramedic had gone, Sean decided to tell the family about the supposing hole in the heart he had once said he had got. But why didn't he mention this to the paramedic's?
Is he just doing this for attention? Or has this got an illness name? Like a disorder for making up that your ill has a name?
Do you think he should see a specialist for this?

April 28, 2010 - 7:23am


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