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Susanc, thank you so much for your thoughtfully-written post, and for sharing this with the EmpowHer community. I am also speechless about this. I went to the website and was happy to see a message from the controller of the show, saying that Cerrie was chosen because of her remarkable talents as an actor and a person and that she fits right in to the show's community.

I would have been delighted if the children's shows that were on when my daughter was little showed a little diversity. And I think it's great that Cerrie was hired to do this show. I agree that in most of these cases, the parents' issues with disabilities are influencing their kids' reactions. I think and hope my daughter would have asked "hey Mom, where's her hand?" and I would have said "She was born with just one hand," and she would have said "Oh" and that would be it. No big deal.

I just hope that Cerrie isn't seeing all of the negative comments being written about her.

Thank you again for posting this. I hope we can all go to the link and show our support for Cerrie.

March 1, 2009 - 9:01pm


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