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This story is all over American news, as well, for example:


And here's a summary of a TV special called On a Roll: Family, Disability & The American Dream
Though radio talk show host Greg Smith is a mere 65-pounds and relies on a power wheelchair, he is a large figure in the disabled community who has broadcast his own show "On a Roll," which examines the lives and struggles of the disabled, out of his home for years. Active on the front for disabled causes, Greg has cultivated an audience and managed to raise a son, but still has trouble managing the simple tasks of daily life.
Read the full review in the NY Times Defying a World That Sees Only His Limits

Although this has already happened, there was one broadcast personality who hosted a Comedy Fundraiser to Make College Scholarships Available for Disadvantaged American Students with Severe Physical Disabilities

This event is coming up on March 4, 2009: Bid for a Change, an auction event hosted by the ADA and headlined by some pretty big names like Martha Stewart and Jamie Lee Curtis. You can find umpteen stories online about how people come together to help others who have lost limbs or been disfigured in one way or another.

Diane mentioned the ADA, our workplaces have to visibly post the legal poster about the ADA, and we in the IT world responsible for web development are supposed to comply with the Sec. 508 Accessibility Guidelines governing electronic information delivery to persons with various disabilities. We were amazed by Heather Mills' dancing skills with her prosthetic limb on "Dancing with the Stars." There is a fellow on a popular daily news show who is in a wheelchair, but I can't think of a host or anchor who has a disfigurement.

I think you're right, Diane, that we still have our biases in favor of beautiful broadcasters.

Now, if someone can only do something about people who park their luxury vehicles in handicapped spaces and walk around better than I do with an injury after a marathon!

March 2, 2009 - 5:56pm


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