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I would like to share my experience that I had with T.S. Wiley. First of all, she is not a healthcare professional of any type. Second of all, her interaction with those of us who are, leaves a lot to be desired. She is neither interested in learning or being educated on hormonal therapies, or the reality of what her so called "protocol" could mean to certain patients, in the terms of the protocol not being covered by insurance and totally out of pocket to the patient, side effects down the line, or ease of therapy for the provider and patient, as many patients have complained about the constant changes in dosages they have had to make. Trying to talk with T.S. Wiley is like doing a battle of wits with an unarmed person. Her ignorance of clinical pharmacists is profound, thinking all we know is how to mix a few things together and slap it in her special little vaginal syringes. Never mind that she wants pharmacies to render free goods at her whim for those who cannot afford this (what criteria decides this is not known) and she wants protected patient information made known to her on demand. Furthermore, many pharmacies have signed this contract, which is illegal, as your patient information is PROTECTED BY HIPAA LAW. Since T.S. Wiley and her associates are NOT part of your active patient care, she is not entitled to know anything about patient information.
If you are thinking about trying the T.S. Wiley Protocol, remember that you will have a period. When I talked to Wiley about this, she was quite proud that she had a woman 90 years of age who still had a period. She really couldn't answer me when I asked her what the purpose of this was, but she was quite adamant that it was "natural". What is also quite natural Ms. Wiley, is that a woman this age having a period is in danger of anemia, and also if the hormones aren't meticulously balanced, stroke and heart attack.
I urge everyone to think again. I am not saying that you shouldn't gave BHRT during menopause, but be cautious, and ask questions, not just of your physician, but also other health care clinicians in this field. You could be heading for disaster.

November 18, 2017 - 3:51pm


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