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Hello im new here looking for support and advice. Im a 32 yr old female and just had a left lobectomy surgery done last tue. Im doing well as far as healing (no more pain) but i feel tired and would like to know if thisbis normal and if it will go away...im an active busy mom of 2 little kids and i need to function!!! Today i napped for 2 hrs straight while my in laws watched the kids like i was out in the middle of tje afternoon..

I have my post op appt on wed and will talk to doc about it but would like to hear your exoeriences. They did tell me i was going to feel tired whilw thw right side tries to compensate. .

(About 2 months ago i noticed a lump in my throat. I was referred to a ent and they did ultrasound and fna. Fna came back as inconclusive conplex cyst 2cm so doc gave me 2 options either monitor or remove it i opted to take it out so they removed the whole letf lobe..in 3 mo they will check my hormones to see if i will need meds or not..payhology came back on friday and it was follicular adenoma)



July 27, 2014 - 8:41pm


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