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Hi Karen,
I'm so glad you found this site!

First of all, I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well, and that the nodule found was benign.

I am wondering if you think the Cymbalta is working? Sleeping more than 10 hours a day, not able to get dressed, not motivated and low energy...and still being tired and miserable...sound very much like symptoms of depression. Have you talked with your mental health provider about your symptoms that have not gone away? Have you tried other medication or treatment options for your depression? Are you currently in psychotherapy for your depression?

How long have you been on Cymbalta? Do you feel that this medication worked at one point in time for your depression, then after your thyroidectomy, is no longer working? Or, did you begin these medications at the same time? Have the doses ever been adjusted?

Lastly, what did your doctor tell you about the effects of having your thyroid removed?

The symptoms you described can also be from having a deficiency in the thyroid hormone, or is known as hypothyroidism: fatigue, weight gain, chilliness, slowed thinking, depression, constipation and muscle cramps. However, these symptoms are temporary and if they are still occurring, should be discussed with your doctor; perhaps the Synthroid is not working as it should?

Please write back, and let us know if you have spoken with either your medical doctor and/or mental health doctor about your symptoms. We can provide some additional information.

March 5, 2009 - 2:43pm


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