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At this point you have probably already made your decision & either had surgery or not... if by some wild chance you haven't ....during my pregnancy (first trimester) a nodule was felt by my midwife, I was then sent to an Endocrinologist for a biopsy...which came back negative... by the time I delivered my son this benign nodule quadrupled in size. I had no issues breathing, swallowing..but because it grew so rapidly I was sent for a nuclear study which came back normal. I was recommended by the ENT to have it removed. **ALL MY LABS WERE ALWAYS NORMAL** The ENT did a partial Thyroidectomy...the path report came back POSITIVE for Cancer....at that time I had other very small cysts in the remainder of my thyroid gland so they were just monitored... and even after sugery my labs were within normal ranges. Therefore I had no side effect :-) & eventually stopped bejng monitored by mh endocrinologist... 15 years later I had a CT Scan of my abdomen & found out I have Adrenal Masses & with the history of my thyroid cancer my NEW endocrinologist did an ultrasound on my thyroid & had a few large nodules... Well off to the ENT I went without a fine needle biopsy (because they are painful & I don't trust them to be reliable)..All this time my TSH, T3, & T4 remained within normal limits... but after alot of thought & prayer... I had a Total Thyroidectomy... it had been over 5 years & I still don't feel the same... I am exhausted most of the time.... I swell... I am extremely emotional.. and the list of issues go on & on.. I sometimes wonder if I should have gambled dying with cancer vs suffering with all these symptoms........ I am a nurse & would never tell anyone what to do in a situation like this.....however I would suggest thinking about if a partial Thyroidectomy is an option consider it.
I pray your decision worked well for you..

September 8, 2015 - 11:45pm


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