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I am an RN who also has had a total thyroidectomy plus parathryoidectomy. While Levothyroxine is the major ingredient in Synthroid, not all generics contain the same amount of the rx. Synthroid- the brand name is made by only 1 manufacturer while Levothyroxine the generic is made by over 26 and you may not be getting the same amount of the rx in each refill. Your pharmacy could use different manufacturers or what they have on hand. This can have a profound effect on your TSH as well as T4 and T3 lab results. Please consult your MD if your numbers are not under control. Some people are sensitive to the fillers and dyes in the generic. I myself use the brand Synthroid because I want the same dosage each time I refill

June 25, 2017 - 10:31am


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