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hello . i had my full thyroid removed due to stage 2 cancer in left thyroid, doctor said i would be fine in 4 weeks , its been 6 weeks, i have had blood wrok done , i was first put on 1 mg of synthroid, blood work came back and my levels 2 weeks ago were 39.5 , so doctor increased to 2 mg of synthroid, my proble is this i drive a 18 wheeler, i have problems sleeping for long periods, i go to bed at 9.00 pm and am up by 5.00 am, i take the 2 mg synthroid in am with my coffee , by 10=11
am , i am so tired i wish i was dead, so hard even to move,
is the coffee i drink with the synthroid meds affecting the way it works, or are my levels so bad, my body is just fighting to get threw the day, i do have more blood work for levels in 2 weeks, to see if i am on the right meds, but as i said i am so scared driving long distance in truck, any help would help so much, Thank you Mark

June 11, 2011 - 8:08pm


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